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Yes, you're right. I do like the look of the Libby better, however I always felt like the liveliness of the altered gen or Eco Gen board as it is now, was directly due in fact to the new strand of genetically altered wood.

I was a libtech guy for a while and used to ride a Jamie Lynn model back in the day and actually, at the time I got to ride on one of the very first dark series boards from lib tech at hurricane ridge just outside where they used to be made.

The altered gen board absolutely slaughtered the Jamie Lynn model and I vowed to never go back, even the original dark series boards didn't compare, they had raised box tech on the dark series and that was about the best aspect of that board I remember, and I walked away thinking a raised box on the altered gen would literally make it the perfect board...

So I figured, if the new darker series was more closely related to the Eco gen, than the old dark series was to the altered gen, I'd have a clear winner...

But as it stands in my mind, I'm leaning toward the Eco gen cuz I'm pretty sure it's gonna rip, I'd like the darker series, but I won't compromise function for form, so if the Eco gen uses the better core, so be it, everything else looks identical, the bean based resin top, cx3 beam, banana core crapo, magna traction edges etc etc, I'm afraid that the Eco gen core is trade marked and patent specific and will only be found in the GNU
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