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Default Popping 1s at full speed

Hey everyone - Was up riding at Whistler this weekend and was really trying to work on core fundamentals since conditions weren't the greatest.

One of the tricks I continue to struggle with is popping a stylish 1 off of small gradual shelves or rollers while at full speed to enter or exit switch efficiently.

I can 1 and 3 off of side hits or steeper lips and ride out more consistently than I ever have, but I'm usually bleeding off a fair amount of speed or setting up "safe" with an extra setup turn or two depending on the circumstance.

Anyone have any drills to build confidence / courage to do this while flying down the mountain? I know it's all about timing the pop / rotation, but this has been a trick I've not worked on in the past because of fear. I can ride switch proficiently enough to handle speed and my board awareness continues to improve every season, so I know this trick is well within my grasp with a few more days on the hill.

For those guys who can really pop a smooth 1 while ripping down the mountain, any advice?
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