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Talking So... I get to buy two new boards, tomorrow!!!

So, the snowboard gods have looked down upon me and decided that I can buy two new snowboards from my local shop!!! I won't go into great detail as to how this happened, but it has and I am stoked!! The brands they carry are Never Summer, Lib Tech, Burton, Olive, Smokin, GNU, Ride, maybe one more smaller brand I am not thinking of. Out of the above brands the only two where solids interest me are Never Summer and Lib Tech. I am thinking since I can get two boards I look at something playful and more a charger type board. I am interested in owning a board that I can take out on a 20cm ish day ride it in the pow before lunch and then ride the same board through the tracked out stuff in the afternoon. I have been researching for like 3 days now and have come up with quite a few combinations so I was hoping to have some input from the sbforums as to what they would do. I have looked through the stock at the shop and they still have pretty much every NS board in my size still as well as most the Lib's, so options are fairly endless. Also keep in mind that I ride up here in Nelson, BC at Whitewater 98% of the time. If the snow ever starts coming it does come often, pretty deep and super light. There is a very good chance that I will never hit a rail in my life and very, very few boxes, though I am eager to start hitting the smaller jumps and working on some basic grabs and 1's this year. I thank you for your time, knowledge and input!
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