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Default Picking my first split

yo dudes.

I'dda asked on but my account still hasn't been activated, and there's a good crowd on here so I'll ask anyway...

I've settled on getting a custom split made. I'm looking at a Skunk Ape Horsepower. I'd initially been thinking about the 169w but after a chat with a dude who works at Sno*Con in Seattle who's around the same size as me (6'3", 215 lbs, sz 13 boot) he was suggesting I think about going shorter just due to the extra weight concern when touring.

Lately I've been riding my Eco Genetics inbounds and I love it. A 165 might be just about perfect for resort riding. I rode my Birdman for the first time in a few inches of fresh in the trees at Whistler a few weeks ago and it was a bit of a chore, but also not ideal terrain and conditions for the board anyway. Hopefully that'll change over time and I get to have one of those days where I can be suitably stoked on the purchase.

For me the goal is big stability and big float, and I like the way a larger board will just haul and suck up the punishment. I think most of my splitting will be sidecountry through the gates up at Whistler and then some off-season turns at places like Baker, etc. I've got a buddy up in Squamish who goes deep that I'd like to go out with too though.

I'm interested in great pow turns but I'd also just love to build kickers and session in fresh. It's tough to say whether the 169 will be too big for me for this. I might even just strap my Banana Hammock on my pack for those days as well.

Anyway, that's my quandary. I've been looking to get it started and I've got all my BC gear in the mail. I'll still probably have to rent when I do my AST I cuz the board won't be done in time, but yeah. Looking forward to any input from you dudes!
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