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Default 2014 burton Diode review and test

I posted this on another thread but decided it would be more useful in this forum.

Ride report:
I sold my 2012 diodes (black /orange dots model) and purchased some 2014 diodes. Rode the 2014's and my 2011 Co2's in fresh pow at Sunpeaks couple days last week
Im a long time co2 user. My first impression in the store in twisting the 2014 highback i also thought they are softer. Having purchased, ridden, and bench tested them.. they are not.

I mounted one diode and one co2 to one of my boards just now.
Standing on the board to pin it down, i can twist the highbacks on either binding side to side about 1.5 inches. I can push highbacks directly backward about 1 inch. If anything, the new diode is slightly stiffer. The difference... New diode when you twist it at first moves easy then quickly stiffer. So its actually progressively stiffer. Where the co2 more like hard plastic..
Both bindings allow the same maximum amount of movement, but the the new diode does so on a curve.. Co2 more linear.. Hope that makes sense. Those of you who ride offroad motorcycles will know what i mean.

On my postal scale:
2014 diode- 29.68oz
2011 co2- 33.98oz
(Size medium)

Mounted these new bindings to my banana magic 157. My size 9.5 K2 Thraxis boots fit the mediums nicely. The new helical ratchet/ladders i was particularly interested in to see how they perform, and if they fixed a long standing problem i have experienced with burton over several bindings.. Can you tighten them without the ratchet slipping a tooth? (especially the toe straps.) Yes.. It seems the ratchets engage the ladder in a more positive fashion. No slipping (yet). In a side by side comparison I notice the ladder feeds into the ratchet more easily on new diode as well.. Less fumbling around on the hill.
After first run i decided to lean the highbacks forward a bit. Easy. The adjuster works well.
These bindings are comfortable. The top of highback does not dig into my calf. I like the ankle strap alot.. Very comfy. The strap itself is 2 stage you could say.. the bottomlayer is a rubbery mesh pattern which conforms to your boot nicely yet is sufficiently heavy duty. the top layer of strap is 2 bands of a very strong material.. kinda like extra thick zip ties.. which would limit maximum movement. Very smart design. The toe-strap stays in place. These bindings are LIGHT.
Burton wisely did away with all the foam shit with holes.. My older diodes the snow would pack and stick to the footbed and highback like glue. (I fixed them by applying duct tape to the surfaces.)
The new diodes use a smoother surface, so no problems with caked on snow.

I like these bindings alot. Zero creaking noises from them. Good looks. Light. Innovations like the helical ratchet is a practical improvement. Time will tell as to durability. I will add any updates here after a few more sessions.
Vancouver, BC

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