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Default What snowboard tips & guides does snowboardingforum need?

Ahoy, I need your input on the future of the snowboardingforum's tips/guides.

What I'm doing:

So awhile back I volunteered to do a much needed update, re-do and re-organizing for all the stickied snowboard riding tutorials and guides that are/were on this forum. Killclimbz and the other mods have said they'd be happy for me to do this and they'll sticky threads as I re-create and re-do everything, so I've been planning everything out and piecing together what needs to be done.

Basically I'll be creating high end snowboard tutorial videos to replace all the current old, missing or old-of-date tutorials that we have on the forum.

The question for you guys

Are there any snowboard guides and tutorials that AREN'T AND HAVEN'T been available on the forum that you think should be added to the forum?

I'm already working on re-doing everything that is (and was) on the forum previously, from how-to gear guides, to beginner and intermediate tutorials and also trick tip tutorials, but are there any snowboard tutorial topics beyond that which haven't been covered previously that you'd like to see on the forum as I update and re-do the guides?

I'll be starting this re-do from around Jan 6th-7th-ish onwards after I get back from Christmas break, so this is your chance to have some input in how the tips section of snowboardingforum grows.

About me:

So for those who don't know me or are wondering who this random guy re-doing all the guides on the forum is...

I'm Jed and I've been a regular on the forum for a couple years now. Besides being a forum regular, I'm a snowboard instructor and I run a snowboard training company teaching people how to snowboard using online tips and video, so I'm kind of suited for this task of re-making all the guides on this forum.

Not to mention I spend a lot of time answering a lot of snowboard questions on this forum and I know as well as any other poster that it can get old repeating the same answers over and over. It would be nice to have tutorial videos already on the forum for each scenario to direct members to when we explain certain techniques/tips to new members.

So... are there any tip guides that you think should be added to the forum outside of the standard gear guides, riding tutorials and trick tip tutorials?
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