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<edit> sorry to the OP as I know you were giving us some great reviews and I don't want to sound like an expert on the subject, just my opinions.


I have a 2013 Cobra 158 and a 2013 High Society Twilight 155, which has been claimed to be a Heritage in sheep's clothing, it is pressed at NS and has nearly identical specs. High Society (gawd I hate that name) likely has cheaper materials compared to a real NS.

Let me preface this saying I am only on my second year into serious riding and these are my first two boards I purchased (Cobra first then Twilight) so my opinion is not as valid as the other members here. I bought the Twilight because the Cobra rocked in pow and I wanted something better for the groomers, plus early season lift lines were messing up my Cobra making me want a beater board. The Twilight (Heritage?) is good on groomers and plows through it all but it is not a playful as the Cobra, not as flexible, and it is also heavier (I wonder if a real NS Heritage is lighter) but I don't feel anything under my feet (dampness differences) like I do with the Cobra. When I purchased the Twilight I needed some new bindings for the Cobra as I transferred the ones (2011/2012 Ride Revolt without the slime back) from the Cobra to the other. On the old bindings I thought the Cobra was twitchy as it would catch on anything, and almost too responsive (if there is such a thing) but since I paired the Cobra with 2014 Union Contact bindings the Cobra is less "twitchy" and just plain fun to ride. When I am expecting hardpack, ice and groomers I just move the bindings forward and on pow I move them back. While the Twilight is still fun to ride, I plan on only using that on early or late season crap as the Cobra is fun and fast and my favorite between the two.

For me the Cobra shines when it is going fast, in powder and it feels more playful and it seems to hold an edge better as I am bombing down a run. The Twilight/Heritage is kind of heavy (compared) but makes it a tank and will probably take anything you throw at it, all this makes it fun to ride. It is also easier to ride switch on the Twilight. The Twilight for me is easier to jump but the Cobra has more pop, I think the difficulty for me hitting a jump this is due to the size difference and the more set back stance of the Cobra. As I get better at riding I think I will be able to jump better on the Cobra. Based on my riding style I like a soft and flexible binding for the Cobra, it gives it a fun feel compared the slightly stiffer bindings I had on it.

Sorry my response is lengthy and I am going to finally say, I wonder if either of these are for you. Would a Proto or SL be better? I only say this because I think an SL would have been better for me but I enjoy riding what I have for sure.

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