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Originally Posted by newbie96 View Post
I would like to get down somewhere between 130-150lbs. Not really sure, it will just depend on how I feel as I approach those numbers. I am 5'6", if that info helps. So are you saying, I shouldn't ride it more than just the first few lessons I get?
Thanks, yeah honestly it just depends on how fast you progress. I weigh 175 or so and was riding a 153 until a couple years ago. Now I ride a 160 regularly, a 156 feels short to me, and I just bought a 166 to play in the powder with!!!

As you start going faster, you'll reach a limit with that board. It's like having small tires on a big/fast car. For driving around the neighbourhood it's fine, get it on the highway and she'll start getting squirrely!!!

For somebody in the 130-150 lb range, a board in the low 150's will make sense, but by that time you'll probably want a more advanced board that something you got free.

Boots are the make or break item. Try on a million pairs of boots (hopefully with a GOOD shop person to help you) and go for the ones that fit the best, not the ones with the best features. They should fit snug, sort of like skates, instead of more loose like winter boots. Everybody I know that's gone from a bad fitting boot, to a great fitting boot has had a big "AH HA!" moment with snowboarding (myself included).

Have fun!
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