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We can spend like Paris Hilton on 5th ave when W. is in office, but now that Obama's in charge, the Republicans are suddenly fiscal conservatives?

What's the deal? We send off the middle and lower class kids to fight and die in some godforsaken sandbox for the sake of the country, and that's patriotism. But ask the 5% of the population with 95% of the wealth to fork over a few more dollars for the sake of the country, and that's socialism and a threat to the very fabric of the Union? My ass, fucking greedy SOB's. Send their kids instead, then maybe, just maybe, they'll see that blood red is more valuable than green.... or the nice inky black of oil. Those assholes should hang their heads in shame.

And the Republican govs have the nerve to refuse the stimulus for political gain? Fuck that. I've got news for you, these states have been fleecing the Union for years. They're welfare states. In 2005, for every dollar they collected in federal taxes, Lousiana got $1.78 back from the Feds, Mississippi got $2.02, South Carolina got $1.35, and even precious Alaska, our stalwart bastion of defense against flying Russian presidents entering our airspace, got $1.19 back. They've been collecting Federal stimulus for years, why stop now? Oh yeah.... politicial gain.

My home state of New York got a whopping $0.79 back in '05. Who's the tax and spend liberal now? Who's the blue state left-wing elitist giving your base a handout? Remind me again, which governor's states are dependent on the government?

Once those idiot red governors get their own spending wired tight and quit hanging off my tit, then they can talk to me about fiscal responsibility. Till then, those saprophytic governors can just thank me for their traditional annual bail-out on April 15th and shut the fuck up while they run their red states into the red ink with their red republican policies. Fucking fiscal responsiblity my ass, they've got no place telling anyone how to save money.

Here's your source, notice it's not Rush Limbaugh's site: The Tax Foundation - Federal Taxes Paid vs. Federal Spending Received by State, 1981-2005

EDIT: Glad to see you're back, it was getting boring here.

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