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Default Review: Nitro Slash 2011

This will be a short review, I just put one day on this board:


Nakiska -15 deg C, packed powder on some runs, crusty ungroomed on other, several powder stashes available. Small jumps across cat tracks, small rail park built.


180 lb guy on a 166 cm Nitro Slash. 2012 Burton Diode bindings set to -9 +12 stance angle, smallest stance width available (about 22.5"). Burton Driver X boots.


I picked up this board used last month. It's in great shape and I got a great deal. So I wasn't expecting much when I bought it. It's approx 6 cm longer than anything I've been on before. I rode my Virus in the morning and brought this out after a quick break.

Not sure why I was expecting less from this board?!? It was a blast! Living up to the "slash" name, it was really easy to rotate in technical runs, despite the long length. Doesn't lock onto an edge like the Virus does. At the end of the day on the groomers I worked on carving on it, and when deliberately putting the board on edge it carves well.

Overall it has a surfy feeling, was a blast in the deeper powder, as it took much less effort than the typical boards I ride to turn. It also handled the chop well. The nose is LONG on this thing and it has time to smooth things before my feet get to the bumps.

- fun "loose" feel when riding at a slow/medium speed
- great in the powder in the trees and on the sides of runs
- light enough to not feel like a tank
- carves well enough to be confident on hardpack

- Not a carving machine, there are better options if you're looking for a carver
- Tried a method with it and I could feel the extra board under me. It's a bit long to rotate while in the air.

Overall I didn't expect it to be as good as it was. Definitely worth keeping for this year, and we'll see if it ends up as a permanent addition to the quiver!
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