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Default Bataleon Camel Toe

So I picked up a camel toe this season and it is my first time on a real powder board.
Stats: 6'3" 210 lbs, size 13/30.5 boot
Board: Camel Toe 162
Bindings: Union Contact megaultrasuperhero pro

Day 1: Conditions were about 18 inches on a very thin layer of old snow, it was pretty cold out and I had the wrong temp wax on the bottom, I thought the board was running slow and got caught up pretty easy, I was having issues adjusting to the nose shape and many other factors.

About midway through the day pulled my head out of my ass and stopped tiptoeing around trying to avoid invisible obstacles, still was getting caught up on flatter sections and losing speed very fast.

Notices that it did float (didn't nosedive) well for me but felt that the lack of speed was causing problems.

Went home that day and was not really convinced that I liked the board, when deciding on it getting it the finalists were Fish, Hovercraft, and the camel toe. Went with the camel toe because I like bataleon and it was the least expensive. Anyhow decided that I would take it out the next day when more runs were open and I had cold temp wax on it.

Day 2: The wax made a world of difference (Extruded base but i did a really weak scrap and then textured the wax and smoothed it out) The lack of speed disappeared and I stopped feeling like the snow was grabbing the board. It is a different ride then I am used to but it feels really awesome, I found that when I was at slow speeds I had to lean back a little, once I got moving I could center my wieght and the pow depth became irrelevant and it would just plan on top of the snow. Another thing I noticed is that the board traverses in pow really well, didnt get bogged down at all in those situations. I did ding up the base some but I dont care it was so much fun.

All in all after two days I am very happy with the choice, I dont love the extruded base but after waxing it, I felt the glide was there and didnt really have any issues the 2nd day. The short tail on the board gives you teh ability to scrub speed without turning, you can basically stop hard on the tail and it will drop a tad bit of speed, it was interesting.

For the price I think the board is definately worth it, I wouldnt use it on a day with less 9 inches or so but It was great fun and is a quality quiver board.
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