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Question Questions on Backflips(UnderFlips)

So i had a few questions a a trick. Background information, i consider myself an advanced rider when it comes to rails but kind of a newb when it comes to air tricks. I can stomp clean 360's 180's etc so i tried my luck at backflips. i prefer the underflip style compared to wildcat.

Yesterday was my first try on backflips. No powder,just regular groomed resort snow. A little slushy but it was good. The kicker wasn't too big but enough. First try under rotated landed stomach down. I was excited to even try it! i was expecting more pain but the snow was super soft cause it had just rained. SOO, second try i throw it the same way but i OVER rotated. Hit my head a little but i was fine. Third time threw a perfect underflip but landed tail heavy. So the rest of the day i practiced,and practiced. Tried at least 10 times. Evreytime i landed tail heavy. im just trying to land perfect and be able to ride away. im having trouble adjusting to the slope of the landing any tips? i would really appreciate it. After my first couple attempts im completly comfortable with being inverted in air and just hope to keep improving some inverted tricks. i get a video up soon of my first couple attempts.

Thanks so much guys i really appreciate it!
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