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Its really hard to tell what you are doing (or not doing) without being able to watch. Since you just started I would highly recommend a lesson so that the instructor can really correct your technique to get riding on your own safely and quickly.

That said, guesses based on common beginner problems:
You are leaning too far back which is making it hard for you initiate turns. Moving your weight to the front foot will make it easier to start the turn.

It sounds like you are having trouble making toeside turns (but I would think of that as a left turn for a goofy rider). You may be leaving your sholders "open" which will make it hard to turn toeside. Try keeping your shoulders parallel to the edge of the of the board and try to both look and point with your lead hand where you want to go. Looking and pointing will naturally take your body through the proper motions for the turn.

Again, it could be something else, those are just common problems and tips for beginners.

EDIT: I see you cleared up the left/right turning statement, technique still applies for it
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