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Originally Posted by Eat Sleep Shred View Post
A friendly tip, the ripsaw and anything from lib are going to have very contrasting camber profiles. Libtech boards usually have all rocker or camber with a bit of rocker in the center, but the tips are still touching the ground. The ripsaw has so much rocker in the center that it lifts the tips off the ground and rests on the base when it's sitting flat. So the similarities on paper aren't even just cosmetic differences when you actually set the boards next to each other, they're very much different boards.

Not to say the Ripsaw isn't what you're looking for, but you might want to do some more research before you decide.

I've lined up the mountain twin as my next board, just gotta be able to pay for it. If you want some similar boards, you can look at the ride machete GT and the rossi jibsaw. Both boards have almost identical feature sets to the mountain twin. But they lack direction flexes as far as I can tell along with a handful of other features, worth a gander. The jibsaw is about $80 cheaper and if you poke around you can find last year's machete GT for around $400.
Not Tryna be an ass but there is a lot wrong with this post. Mervin makes almost every camber profile known to man. The ripsaw has a lot more camber, much flatter rocker zone and pretty pronounced contact points. And by saying the machete and jibsaw are similar to the Twin is basically like saying any all mountain board is similar. Yes Greats is easily the most similar board and you can find 2012 and 2013 models online for much less than $400.
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