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So I've got myself lovely pair of anon m2's (goggles) which as most will know, come with a low/high light lense.
The bluebird lense is blue solex I believe (guessing 7-15% VLT) and the low light I'm not so sure but guessing about 70% VLT. Will check the website.

Anyway. When I board it's in the alpes and I'm out from 'first lift to last call' as they say... Going for a week, leaving tomorrow
My issue is with the lenses.

I never wear a backpack but obviously will have my jacket/pant pockets. It's hard to comfortably find a place to store the spare lense, which on the m2 is very rigid and quite bulky.

Few options:

1) Should I check the weather forecast in the pm/am and choose a lense based on that?
- Am I right the the low light is a better all rounder and therefore I could maybe get away with that most of the time?

2) Stash the spare lense in my jacket internal chest pocket or the trouser cargo pockets? Worry here is breaking it and also if I fall on it awkwardly, it could really dig right into my ribs!? (M2 lense = rigid)

The conditions where I'm going can vary rapidly as clouds may be hanging around at lower altitudes then you take a higher lift and burst into the sunlight (amazing when that happens!)

Any insight would be raheally appreciated.
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