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Originally Posted by ARSENALFAN View Post
If the resort has a parking lot, worst case scenario, you can just hike back and change them out. That is what I do when at Lake Louise. I have to make a decision everytime I go to Sunshine in Banff as to what the conditions will be like because its a 25 minute gondola ride each way. I have the M2s. If you can see sunshing throught the "Goats eye" they I put on my bluebird goggles. Otherwise, 99% of the time, I use the low light.

Good question.
Cheers man!
And you'll know from the m2 then that the lense is a pretty sturdy one, doesn't bend to fit pockets much.
Very helpful, so if you're caught out with the lowlight and it turns bluebird you just have to squint a little?

Originally Posted by ridinbend View Post
I wouldn't recommend carrying them with you. I did that a few years back when I was struggling with my crowbars and variable weather. I broke a few pairs, even in my backpack. Smith does sell a hard case for goggles which I use if I'm wearing my pack.

Your eyes will adjust with time, but I personally would want to see terrain as best as possible. Good luck.
So do you end up with lowlight lenses much of the time?
Yup, hip/chest/abdo is where they'd be stashed and I do ride park 50/50 so high fall rate (and the fact that I'm nooby).

As a beginner I had my friends iridium Oakley ones all the time and didn't realise how bad my vision was 95% of days!
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