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So I just got these POC VPD 2.0 Ski shorts for x-mas. They're quite comfy - probably the most comfy crash shorts I've put on. I've been a long time user of AzzPads and while I relied on them heavily when I was first starting to snowboard (on my 3rd season). I found they only protected about half my butt-side falls. Many "catch an edge" type falls doesn't result in a tailbone hit but rather a buttocks/hip impact. However a tailbone hit can be potentially "more damaging" if it bruises or breaks your coccyx bone (can't even imagine), so I can see why that's the focus of most crash shorts.

Anyway, I did a search and can hardly find any information on these shorts so I just thought I'd add my first impressions.

You can see here, just how effin large these hip pads are. They are *not* removable. They appear to be 3 ply (as in 3 layers of "Visco Elastic Polymer Dough"), about 1 1/2 cm thick. A tad over 13" long - It covers from my waist line to just above my knee. This is a size large and I'm rather short, just fyi - probably isn't meant to cover so much of my thigh.

Here you can see the 2ply VPD, tailbone pad pulled out (obviously removeable) which is only about 1 cm thick. You'd think they'd offer more protection here than the hip. Either way, nice option to be able to pull it out incase you want to use them as mountain biking crash shorts or something.

About the VPD padding. If you're a little skeptical, that's understandable as it's pretty thin and effing soft to the touch. So I had my buddy punch me in the charlie horse area and he said it hurt his fist! We did this a few times (I like punishment apparently) and I found if i don't flex it still hurts quite a bit. However flexing is like night and day and I feel virtually nothing, pain wise. I think what's happening the impact on the VPD is slowed down greatly when you relax your leg and squishes inward but when it has something hard to sit against, the dough firms up because the rate in which it's getting compressed is much faster... if that makes sense.

Anyway I plan to wear this the next time out - gunna be a while since it's black out time for my pass. I'll give this a try and report back its effectiveness. Maybe even throw on the azzpad on top of it for extra protection when I'm really feeling brave (stupid). Seems slim enough that I could wear both without it feeling that much different than just wearing the azzpad.

More info on these shorts if interested:

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