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Default Triple base vs. Conventional

Triple base vs. Conventional

Is it just me or is triple base really fast?
I'm asking because while riding my ET 154 I keep pulling away from a friend on a Custom X 158. Both boards are new.

I always assumed the CX was a missile, but clearly not so much when put next to my ET. Admittedly I'm a slightly better snowboarder than my mate, but he's by no means shit. Therefore the gap between us at the bottom of the hill can be attributed triple base having less contact area with the snow? (mostly).

This brings me to my question: Given how much quicker I find the triple base than a regular base, I've been toying with the idea of getting a Bataleon AM board as well. I'm looking for a damp board that'll let me bomb down pistes with good stability at 80kph +, as well as the ability to float well in powder. I currently ride an Uninc 158 as my AM board, and love it to bits, but it's getting on now and I'd like to retire it while it's still relatively unharmed.

In your experience can triple base carve hard at speed just as well as a regular board? Or is this an area where conventional bases will always have an upper hand? Forgive me for sounding like a noob, but there are plently of people here that have owned more boards than I have.



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