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Default G-Form Questions (Busted knees on a box)

Ok, after chatting up protective gear on the way up to the mountain I took a pretty good fall on a box at the end of the day. I'm fine, just bruised knee and a large cut on the shin.

I keep wavering back and forth between the G-Form which looks totally legit, vs. something with a hard plate. Last year I tried Protec Street knee and elbow pads but didn't like how they fit. Were very noticeable riding and hated having to keep adjusting them.

I will be taking up mountain biking this year. light easy trails (no downhill) so it'll be serving double duty.

Questions: Those who have taken hard falls directly to the knee/elbow, are they legit? I keep hearing reviews of "I haven't fallen yet but they seem like they would help" or, "I fell and got hurt but would have been worse without them ..."

Second, sizing. I keep hearing they are sized small. Is it really prudent to size up? I have moderately sized thighs but chicken legs for calves.
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