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Originally Posted by Decade190 View Post
So am away in the Swiss alps (yey) and whilst it's been bluebird skies every da which is amazing... The snow conditions are a little sketchy.

Question: is it wrong to kind of lift the back leg slightly when transitioning into a turn? Particularly when getting around a mogul, often with I've after so need to get the turn round in time, I've noticed myself doing it.
Doesn't feel particularly wrong but I've heard people talk badly of this kind of 'leg ruddering action'

Note, I only do this on these kind of runs, normally I can carve pretty smoothly and transition fairly smoothly.

Thanks guys. Will get a vid if my buddy brings his camera out.
What you are describing sounds like a kick turn, which is a method also used on steep pitches to quickly switch edges. If that's the case then there's no problem. I would recommend avoiding moguls though, you'll have more fun without them.
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