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Default Ruddering. A time and place?

There have been a number of comments in threads of late about "seeing ppl ruddering their boards around." Pointing out that this method of steering is improper form and board control.

I was wondering where and under what circumstances would ruddering the board like this be considered,... appropriate? Acceptable?

While I can certainly get my board up on an edge to turn it. Whether I'm "carving" proper or initiating more of a skidded, "scarved" sort of turn is dependent on a number of variables, (....generally skill related. ) but I have noticed that in some instances I find myself doing more ruddering. Usually it is when I'm trying to maneuver in a more confined area/corridor on a given run, or maybe to bleed off some speed while still moving and following a particular line of travel.

I know there's no "Set" way to ride and ea. rider will find the style and methods that best suit them, but I was curious since it seems to be accepted that ruddering is generally considered bad form. When is it accepted as an appropriate method of maneuvering? Moguls? Steeps? Tight narrow cat tracks such as I tend to employ it? What?
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