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Welcome to the forum!

You're pretty much where I'm at right now. 3rd season in, going just as much, and really focusing on advanced carving.

There's a few threads open that might help you out. Since you asked for a video, here's a good one that was posted in a previous thread.

I have the same problem on the double blacks over here in that my transitions are a bit sloppy at times. Honestly, that's more to do with the fact I just need to grow a pair and be more aggressive transitioning my weight forward at turn initiation. You say you initiate with your back foot. That's a big no-no for carving, unless you mean something else. That's referred as "ruddering". Always transition your weight, like you said, to your front foot to initiate the turn.

The thing is, I have a forward stance, so I can get away a bit of knee and ankle roll on my leading foot instead of having to jump forward as much as when I went duck. I also found my angulation a bit better when I went forward, but many experienced riders here carve fast duck, so it doesn't really matter as long as you got the technique down.

As far as heel side, I wish I could tell you. I'm still having a hard time locking it down with great consistency. It's not just how hard you lay down on it, it's your weight distribution depending on where you are at the turn. Same thing as in toeside, but I can't seem to get the mechanics down pat for heelside. I was going to start another thread to address this issue, but I'll just follow this one to see what others have to say.
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