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Default binding configuration / setback

so I recently got a new board (2013 ride berzerker) and notice that setting up the bindings is a bit different and I am wondering why

On my previous board, I had the bindings set in the middle holes of the board...same distance from front binding to nose, as rear binding to tail...I was centered on the board (my stance is 22 inches wide)

on the berzerker, I notice that the middle (or close to middle) holes have 'offset' written on them with -3/4 inch..on the front, it's got arrows pointed to the 3rd and 5th (out of 6 holes) and on the rear, it's 2nd and 4th (out of 6 again)..

For me to achieve being on the center of the board with that stance, I have to use the 2nd / 4th holes on the front, and the 1st and 3rd holes on the rear...I find that odd it's so far from middle of the holes, so it's got me thinking, is this board by default just suppose to be ridden more towards the tail? would there be any harm me being in the front? if not, do the 'setback' markings really mean the ideal spot as intended the board to be used?

I have no issues using the setback stance, I am just curious to understand why this is done this me, setback would be the rear mounting holes, not the middle ones
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