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Default Newbie need a board help!

Hey first off hope this is the right section i'm brand new to this forum.

Anyways my first day snowboarding in over 7 years was yesterday (i was never good anyways) and i was out there shredding for like 9 hours straight. Completely fell in love with it I just used a rental burton LTR.

Anyways Money is VERY tight and i need to buy a good beginner board.

I was shredding pretty hard ( in my opinion) on the LTR. Not sure of all the terminology I just began reading up on techniques and I did not have any formal lessons but I was pretty much able to cruise downhill pretty fast and not fall, I had good board control and had absolutely no issues traversing and linking heelside. I had no idea how to do toeside nor did I have a lesson but after researching I will learn it next time.

Anyways not to make a long post heres my stats

size 11 - 11.5 boot (not sure if the rental guy gave me a wide or not)

Any reccomendations on a board bindings and boots? I really am not looking to spend over $200, with $250 being my absolute limit.


edit: All I do is ride down the mountain at Mountain Creek Resort. Not sure if this is considered a park (I would assume not as there are not many rails or jumps or anything, just slopes)

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