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Default Contemplating moving to Denver

Hey whats up everyone?

Well as the title states I am currently thinking about moving to the Denver area.
I have been thinking about it for a couple years now, and my decision has nothing to with the recent legalization marijuana " but its totoally a huge plus "

Any way.. I am a licensed plumber in the state that I live in, but my license will not xfer to Co so I will have to put the time in to be able to take the state exam again.

My main concerns about moving is not being able to work during the winter months. I really do not understand how a tradesman makes a living there when there is snow all over the ground. My neighbor spends spring / summer / and fall there, and does HVAC here during the summer to fund his 3 season CO vacation. He told me that work is hard to come by in the winter time there, but surely there has to be a way that people in our line of work are able to make a living during winter..

Also I have read that pitbulls are banned in Denver too.. Is this something that they actively enforce? I have looked into it, and I know that certain counties do not have any BSL laws against them.. I dunno a couple negatives on me moving there, but I miss the mountains, and I also want more out of my life...

Thanks for reading everyone! Happy 2014!

Uh side note - I was just looking @ houses for sale on Zillow in the Denver area and I have never seen so many pre foreclosures/foreclosures in my life.....

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