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Default Board Maintenance Questions

Hi all, new to the forums and have a few board maintenance questions.

So I consider myself a pretty "advanced" rider but for whatever reason I have never really immersed myself in snowboarding and really don't know all that much other than the basics about board maintenance. Last year I finally ponied up for a nice board and would like to keep this beauty for as long as possible. So what are the few basic things I should be doing on a yearly basis gearing up for the new season?

Unfortunately last year I did a bunch of NJ/PA riding and it took a pretty good toll on my board. So in the past I've never really touched my edges and just kept them dull because I used to do a lot of park riding. But moving forward I will probably do most of my riding this year in Vermont / Colorado groomed / ungroomed type of stuff not in the park.

So my thoughts are that I should 1) at least deburr the edges cause I do have a lot of burrs.

2) "Hot scrape" the board since I heard base cleaners can be harmful to the base

3) hot wax regularly

and then for 4) I'm still unsure whether I should sharpen my edges or not. I've heard arguments on this and many other forums for both.

oh and also probably going to buy a P-tex candle for some base repair.

Sorry for the long winded post but any and all help would be greatly appreciated

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