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Default Flow NX2 question!

So I just bought some flow nx2 at's and they look promising and comfy.

Quick question: When quick-removing boots and re-inserting, I find that my boot automatically adjusts to a particular position on the board, which is a little bit more toward the heel side (as one would expect).

As this means the tip of the boot and tip of the heel are no longer equidistant which is the ideal, do you guys pre-empt this adjustment by fixing your bindings toward the toe-side a bit more and re-inserting both feet using the quick-release at least once at the beginning of the day? Or am I being too anal?

I wouldn't say the boot is excessively protruding at the heel-side edge such that I think it would catch the snow, but it's noticable so I was wondering what you guys did.
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