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Seedy J
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Originally Posted by msmith222 View Post
would you ride an indoor terrain park in the summer/offseason? what would you expect from it? how much would you pay?
I'd buy a friggin' season pass! I'd probably go on weekdays after work during winter too. I've always sucked at skateboarding and always will, so I can't do that in the off season. They actually have indoor parks in Tokyo and Shikoku, but those are way too far away from me. *On further research, there seems to be one in Kobe. Sweet!

I'd expect the usual park stuff... kickers (from 2m to 8m would be nice), boxes, rails, and a pipe if possible. Being able to do a line (like kicker, box, bigger kicker) rather than just doing 1 hit at a time would be nice too.

Price... maybe like $40 a day? But like I said, I'd definitely get a season pass.

Here's a list of the indoor parks in Japan. It has info on pricing and what kind of stuff they have. If the Kobe one is still open, I might head out there and see what it's like next week.

Artificial Slopes in Japan
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