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Originally Posted by Taylor_Gang View Post
What is the current look out or stability of jobs/employment in the Snow sports industry...???

Reason why I ask is...I want to work at a ski resort/town and I know for a "FACT" that most of those towns/jobs rely on good snowfall/winter season. More snow = Longer operating times = More money.

I live in CALI (haha...I know...low levels & man made snow) and have been snowboarding for about 6 years now. When I first started back in seemed like there was a TON of SNOW FALL here in Cali and elsewhere in the US. The resorts had high enough snow pack to be opened longer. The past 3 winters have been SHITTY. I don't know about other States/Places but...Cali resorts have been getting less and less snow for the past 3 years or so. I just hope it tops off or stays the same for a couple more years and doesn't get any lower.

I think global warming really is true and its affecting the snowfall. Not only the snowfall...I remember as a kid growing up...summers were a lot hotter and winters were a lot colder. seems like the summers are cooling and the winters are warming!!! Soon...we won't even have 4 seasons. Only 2!!

Maybe my calculations are incorrect and snowfall has been the same or better. I don't really know for sure as I have not done any reliable research/calculations...mainly just observation and speculation.

What are your guys thoughts and predictions...?!??!?!

lol, i could say differently bout the weather, New England is getting hammered lately and i couldnt be happier.

but regarding your question... it really depends on your qualifications... If you are a college graduate it might not be that hard to pick up a job on the management side that will keep you busy year round... If you're just looking for something that doesnt take a degree of some sort expect it to be seasonal, unless they have summer operations... Another thing you may be able to do is maintenance or a janitorial job... But i imagine those jobs would depend highly on seniority for who gets to stay for the summer. If youre a college grad look in the management end i bet youll find something year round.

as far as predictions... i hope it gets better for you guys!
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