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Default Linking turns is killing me (mainly heelside)

Hey guys been on 4 snowboarding trips and going on green side of the mountain.

I can zoom down the mountain and make it without falling but problem comes when i try to link turns and go down slowly.

For the most part i got the toe side all figured out but man the heel side is killing me. I just came from boarding today and going from healside to toe side is a breeze but going from toe side to heal side is very slow...i have to force it and many times it causes me to wipe out. I am getting better at it but still nowhere near perfection.

Any tips with heelside or do i just have to practice practice practice until i get it.

Also big problem is that i go one day a month so by the end of the day i feel like i got it but then i come back next month and its almost like i am back to square 1 and have to relearn everything.

SIGH... any tips?
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