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Originally Posted by surfinsnow View Post
The people who voted that this is legal and constitutional are ignorant fools. Yes, I supposed you could expect a snowboarder to say as much, but here is the rub...this NOT a private resort. MY TAX MONEY pays for this resort, and as such, I have just as much legal right to enjoy it as do skiers. Period. No discussion. A privately-held resort can do anything they want. They can say you can't wear pants. They can say there are no greens or blues. The can charge you $20,000 a day to ride (good luck), because they are private companies. Alta is NOT. It is owned by the taxpayers, and therefore they have to right to discriminate against snowboarders anymore than they do blacks, Chinese, New Yorkers, whatever. You are paying for it, you should be allowed to use it. Or allow me to take a tax deduction to offset my denial of use.
You're half right... your tax money pays for the land that's owned by the US Forrest Service that Alta ski resort sits on. The resort itself is a privately owned and operated entity and thus everything besides the mountain itself is privately owned. I can see this going the route of allowing boarders to ride the mountain but with no use of the privately owned lifts or lodges which essentially means almost everyone will just go next door to snowbird or down the road to Brighton and Solitude.

To me if a mountain wants to restrict their profit by limiting their mountain to just skiers that's on them for their stupidity. The best part of this story is when you read some of the comments on the articles by skiers who continue to push the old stereotypes of snowboarders and why the mountain is better if we're not on it. Things like we stop in the middle of runs and sit down... ok it's better when a pack of skiers stops in the middle of the run because they're standing? Or we scrape all the snow off a run, because beginner skiers don't do that when they're pizza slicing down the mountain either. My favorite is that we ride the mountain out of control and cause accidents. That one cracks me up because I've been taken out at least a dozen times by skiers who either aren't paying attention, pop out of the trees in front of you without looking or just aren't that good yet and fall and take you out. Meanwhile maybe once or twice was I taken out by a fellow boarder in my near 15 years riding a snowboard now.

I thought we'd moved past most of that animosity but I guess at the skiers only mountains the old stereotypes still hold strong.
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