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Default dynamic turns - shoulder/body position?

Hey guys,

So i've been trying to do dynamic turns, and I would say I've somewhat succeeded - I can get the up/down motion of the knees and the twisting of the body. It's a little slow on the greens, but i've been trying it on some blacks and blues as well.

However i noticed that after a long dynamic run down the slope, the 2 outer toes on my left foot (i'm regular) goes numb. I was really puzzled as my boots normally fit well, but after a while I realised that when riding dynamically I would twist most of my body to face forwards, including my feet, which is putting a lot of pressure on the outer edge of my front foot. My stance is +15/-15, but i feel like when riding dynamically my feet twist into a +20/-10 ish stance.

My question is - what am I doing wrong, since this is clearly not normal? From what I can see, videos of dynamic riding usually show the rider's body position twisted a little to face the front. Am i right? If so, am I supposed to rotate my torso but not my feet?

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