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So last night I went to Cataloochee in NC to board some.. And I had 2 surprises.. 1- MLK weekend is their most popular weekend (who knew) and 2- I'll be damed if they didn't have a rep from Burton there, a concert, and all kind of stuff.. So I was actually able to get about 5min talk time with the rep regarding my Burton Blunt V-Rocker. So right or wrond I'm gonna share what he told me. Most of you guys probably already know this and when you think about it is common sense(ish). Obviously I can't remeber what he said word for word, but I told him some of my issues and his response is..

" When you buy a Rocker throw out the old mentality of my weight=? and my height=? so my board must=?. You weigh 240 , are 5'10" tall, and have a narrow stance riding groomers 90% of the time. For a camber board I would recommend a 158-160. For a Rocker I would recommend a 153-155. The reson being is the effective angle of the Rocker is design to have "X" amount of contact with the snow when on the board. This X value is a result of where a certain weight is applied to the board. Me being on a 160, but with a narrow stance, I'm not applying nearly enough pressure to the tip and tail of the board to get effective edge contact. Which is why I am getting major "drift" when riding and needing to lean excessivley when carving. Obviously the effects are not as drastic when riding pow, but the concept still apllies. If I want to stay with a Rocker I need to either widen my stance and keep my board, or get a shorter one to give more equal weight distribution. But enless I ride much park, for east cost groomers, he would never recommend a rocker. I should be on a camber or RCR or CRC. And also to let you know all rockers are not created equal. Some rockers are more "rockered" than others. For example. Sitting on a flat table.. and all mountain rocker will have less distance between the tips and the table than a freestyle rocker(which is more "Rockered")."

Ok.. Again just what he said regarding my situation. I thought was good info.. some stuff I never really thought about. If you guys disagree don't shoot the messenger, email Just thought I would share. I widened my stance after that and wow did my board perform better, but it killed my legs....
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