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Just like that Burton guy told me. It's not that I have a bad board or I don't know what I'm doing. It's just for me and the kind of riding I like I needed to adjust my setup or get a different board or just keep riding until I adjust my skill-set to my setup. However, like has been said, if one knows how to ride, it may not be pretty, but you should be able to get on ANY board and make it down the mountain. You may be miserable by the time you get there, but you should get there. But it is easy to get a board that just doesn't suite you or feel awkward to you. If you cannot overcome that then it is just going to magnify your bad habits or lack of skill (if any). Like with my board that really is a rocker.. Adjusting my bindings helped, but I've determined it's just not for me, my local slope conditions, and riding style.

It seems a lot of times when people have trouble they blame the board and when they ask others(don't necessarily mean people on here) opinons they say it's a lack of skill.. IMO more times than not it falls somewhere in the middle. Wrong board for your conditions/skill level..

DarkDrive.. try not to get to defensive.. Neni, chomps, and others have given me and other people some damn good advise on here (they may not know it cause of me just reading other postings they've done). You could have the BEST board for your conditions, and best bindings in the world, and 50hrs straight of practice with it. But if your bindings/setup are wrong you will still be struggling. And that's on ANY board... I did the same thing.. Until I swallowed my pride and took a lesson (per the recommendations of others on here) best decision I ever made. He was able to point out things wrong with my technique and setup...

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