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Question Convex base (edge-to-edge). Thoughts?

Iíve an almost new board (RCR; mellow rockered tip/tail) which felt slightly (read as: really only tiny bit) squirrelly straight lining if weighted a bit more on the front. Had the impression, that this wasnít the case with the demo model (same size), but hey, could be different conditions, form of the day, false memory and what not. It is perfectly ridable, big fun; but still, there were this eeeh moments flatbasing when it didnít hold a line as well as I would have liked/expected, i.e. I had to be very focused riding flat with weight more on the front (speed gain mode).

When I brought it to our service station to get the edges sharpened - they use a huge fancy machine for edge/base grinding - the guy told me, that the board had a flawed base. It is not flat edge-to-edge at the front just where the contact points are as it should be, but slightly convex; the machine couldnít sharpen the edge at the front without grinding away part of the base in the middle (edge-to-edge). He showed it by using a metal ruler, and yes, the base is effectively slightly convex edge-to-edge at the front, perfectly flat within the rest of the board. By eye judging it's about 1.5mm.

He recommended to sacrifice part of the convex bit of the base i.e. flatten the base by stone grinding. But he also said, that he wouldnít grind till itís perfectly flat, Ďcos too much base-depth would get lost, which would shorten the lifetime of the board.

Iíve no clue, if this is entirely right, if it actually is a flaw (euphemistically: manufacturer variance) or intended. I never gave a thought about how the edge-to-edge base profile has to look like, assumed flat is key Ė itís complicated enough to keep track of all the profile differences tip-to-tail - but this service guy is usually pretty reliable, and it made sense to me; I agreed, base got grinded a tad, now only a tad convex, and I indeed have the impression that it actually improved the superficial squirrelly feeling.

What's your take? Base should be flat edge-to-edge, not? If not, why? If yes, should I grind it till it's flat? Or will the lifespan really suffer? Talking in days/years/decades? What's the problem if the base is thinner at some spots?

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