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Default Broke (and kinda fixed) the golden rule of goggles


it was rimey, and fogged over and i forgot my cloth, and i...wiped my goggles inside with liftline paper towels. it was that or go home for the day

foggy, light scratches all over the inside (duh)

so i googled it and saw that car polish could help, and i happened to have some NuFinish (the once a year car polish) and that actually did help, about 50% better

then i was in the autoparts store the other day and saw this polish for plastic (!) for headlight lenses, grabbed that and it was even better, i am back to about 90%, when they are on i really can't see any scratching

just a lil PSA, fyi for others so foolish

..and if anyone knows and even better fix, let's hear it
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