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Default Is Snowboarding Making a Comeback?

It seems just a while ago (5 years?) the bottom was dropping out of snowboarding. Independent shops were going under right & left, small brands were disappearing overnight, and a lot of pro riders were quitting to get mainstream jobs. The magazines were struggling, everything looked hurting.

I was given the December issue of Snow Board magazine and its printed on great paper stock and the quality of the ads and photography looks like something out of a design annual. I was shocked. Everybody has a slicker more sophisticated ad spread than I've ever seen. The sophistication of some of the marketing from these small brands is noticeable.

What's going on? Is snowboarding making a comeback? Or are people and small startups more savvy and sophisticated than ever in graphic design, branding and production? Or are all of these brands now owned by a few behemoth conglomerates?

Any way it's nice to see snowboarding back on the leading edge of style, design, and personal expression. Blah blah boohya
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