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Originally Posted by seriouscat View Post
Got lucky and a friend managed to capture a little bit of footage of me in the mellowest run of that day. Not exactly the best video since it was in wet pow, but any tips/comments would be appreciated. I personally think I am still opening too much on the body.

(I'm the one with blue jacket and backpack, leapfrogging my partner in the red plaid/checkered jacket.)

I'm no pro, but a few things stand out.

1. Your upper body is really static. You're crouched over bending from the waist, and static in that position, especially on your toe side. Try to be more upright from the waist but dynamic. Stay athletic. It'll help with balance and edge to edge quickness.

The practical effect here is that your edge pressuring isn't as efficient as it could be. On the toe side, if the board is tilted across the fall line, imagine a perpendicular line come out of the board from the toe side edge. Try to line up your knees and hips with that imaginary line. Now you've got better weight over that edge PLUS you are in better balance. When you are hunched over toe side most of your weight is actually not over the edge, it's past the edge. Causing instability and sketchy turns.

On the heel side, similar thing. Imagine a perpendicular line coming out of your heel side edge. Stack your hips and shoulders on that line. You'll have better heel side turns this way.

2. I noticed some ruddering/windshield wipering on a few turns. On that type of terrain (mellow and powder) this sort of turn shape isn't necessary to do quick turns.

Try to practice more unweight to change edges, and then weighting to pressure edges through the turn. Unweight by shortening the distance from the board to your upper body, weight by lengthening that distance. The board will flow edge to edge under you. In weighting, I find it helps to gauge/throttle the edge pressure, and thus tightness and quickness of the turn, with lateral, fore-aft knee action. Bring knees together on the toe side through the turn, pressure knees apart on the heel side, in a cowboy-like stance.

Practice 1 and 2 together.

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