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Default Snowboarding gear ultimate thread. 2014.

My intentions are to find the gear that almost everyone can agree are the best bang for the buck

I think that the main questions that beginners ask on this forum, or search on the internet is : "What gear should I get ?"

There are reviews all over the internet, but not a consolidated one.

Another problem I see is that people usually come from different genres and price ranges.

with that said, I hope to make an "ultimate thread" for everyone. "best" gear changes every year, so this will probably be accurate by the year.

Please comment with what you think should be added !

Help everyone save time.
- - -


Goggles: ( + votes)
Electric EG2.5 Goggles (2013). Personally, I bought them for around 53.00. Brand new on eBay! ( +2)
Smith I/O Goggles. price ( _ _. _ _) . (+2)

15k/15k ( waterproof/breath-ability)+ recommended
Powder skirt
triple seamed(?)

- shell ( if people have a preference of layering / what not ) .

- jacket
> 686
> Volcom

Snowboarding pants:

Sites to check:


Comment with what you think should be added, and a regular price point so that people can know what a good deal is when they see one !

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