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2014 Capita NAS 159

First Impression, not a full blown review.
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NAS: It's your classic directional twin. Just a touch of setback. Medium flex, maybe a little stiffer than that torsionally.
This actually is a "BadAss" looking board in person as the Capita tag says.

I ride cambered boards (East coast) and usually evaluate them on 4 basic properties:

1.) Ollies: It's a crap shoot with cambered boards as to how they will pop. However Capita brought whatever new tech they have to bear on this board and it is surprisingly easy to access the pop in this deck. I normally ride a Signal OG which is a super poppy cambered board but takes a little muscle to access, the NAS is easier to crack ollies with.

2.) Jumps: This board feels wider than it is. I ride a lot of 24.9/25.0 waist width boards and this thing feels locked in running into jumps. A lot of that has to do with the long multi radius sidecut on this thing. If you like a board that tracks real straight at speed this is it. If you like making little last minute adjustments this is not it. Off the lip it has a lot of pop, and you don't have to work for it. In the air it's a real stable board, but I think that's because it feels a tad heavy. Fine for floating 3s.

3.) Pipe: This board feels real stable in the pipe with that "wide feeling" that is has for a narrow waisted board. The drawback is that this sidecut that keeps it so good at charging straight makes it a little less nimble on the wall. But it holds a great edge and has a fast base that makes climbing easy.

4.) Shredding: This board has a long effective edge like some "old school" boards and combined with whatever they are doing with the sidecut multiradius it likes to track straight. This is great for hitting big booters but the converse is that it's not that fun a board for carving turns. It is not agile for a 24.9 waist board and that's mostly the sidecut. There are a lot of other boards I would enjoy just ripping turns on.

Because of the sidecut and effective edge on this board it wouldn't be my first choice for free riding. But for charging jumps, getting air, and blasting out of the pipe it's a really a fun modern design of a classic directional twin. If Capita were to make this board with a tighter simple radial sidecut it would rule.

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