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Default Help on toeside carves

Need help on toeside carves. Ok…11th season and its hard groomer with abit of sugar ala Baker. Practicing carves at 30-50 mph…truly only now do I feel that I’m at a level of being somewhat proficient at a real carving level after 10 seasons of 25-35 day seasons. So today, riding a directional twin cambered stiffy with radius of abt 8, reg, duck at +9 and -6, at 22” trying to get as low/high-edged as possible. Heelside being no problem…rump close to the ground/angulated, aggressively on the nose, feeling stable, stacked and holding. However on toeside, wasn’t able to get quite as aggressively on the nose, wasn’t getting as low/high-edged as on heelside and didn’t feel as stable or confident…and at times washing out. Also did not feel like I could pop as well from toeside to the heeledge. (Cavet, also have a mildly sprained right ankle/rear foot…so don’t quite have the usual power/stability..I think was not able to move fore/aft or get in the backseat at the apex) Thus brahs and sissies…any advice/info besides lessons…much appreciation.
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