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NS Proto-how loose?

Really torn on committing to the Proto HDX.
I have read heaps of reviews of course, plenty available, which answers a lot of questions on the board. However one thing remains unclear to me. I know a lot of comments out there that it can get a little squirrelly/loose at high speed. I understand this situation is only on low edge levels and flatbasing vs on a solid high edge carve were it should be rock solid.
So heres my big question. I'll give a you a scenario, basically bombing it down a decently steep fall line on a very light toe edge pressure so you're pretty much following the fall line but not flatbasing, just pressure on a very slight edge.
How loose is it exactly?

I take it the board wanders a little but is it a case of just hold your line and don't panic about the little wandering (similar to a dirt bike under acceleration you just let it wander a little but you can keep the throttle open?) or are we talking that it catastrophic wandering onto a wrong edge and fling you, so you need to pull out and slow things down?

Also another scenario- hitting good size kickers, say 30ft (and not spinning) kicker faces are pretty firm, when you flat base up the face going at decent speed will the board move around to an unsettling, potentially fatal amount?, or can you rely on it to stay flatbased and pop off the jump with confidence?

Sorry they may seem like silly questions, as a little difficult to ask in writing to be honest. I assume it is more of a feeling that the board is moving around (like my motocross analogy) rather than it trying to spin on the rocker to a toe edge scorpion at full speed?

To give you a better idea of my situation to relate it too, I love freestyle and Proto is one of the few boards thats reviewed that constantly gets the word "fun" associated with it, and it sounds great. Issue is I also like going fast, 100km/h, 60mph, and if this board is going to kill me then I'd rather not.
Also contemplating the Ripsaw which I know would be awesome for ripping and jumps but its going to likely loose that fun factor in the park, rails and those afternoons spent messing about when things are chopped up.
Speaking of which the Proto being softer should be more mellow ride in the late afternoon, on tracked out, mounded runs rather than the stiffer Ripsaw?

I have been riding for about 18 years on Camber boards only, have no fear of edge catching or needing a catch free ride (well except on rails and boxes where it does come into my mind of course). Understand a lot of the technical aspects of the new tech but just wondering what are the actual real life affects of these squirrelly, loose rides that people talk about with Rocker and RC?

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