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Default short but wide... all mountain bomber board?

i am about 5'7 170lbs (winter fat weight)

i learned how to board on a 157 banana magic because all i was interested in was to cruise, which later bacame faster and faster cruising

bought a 147 lib tech box scratcher because i thought i wanted to learn how to do park... i decided im not exactly a park rat so i decided to just remain a cruiser

anyways, after several days on the box scratcher, i realized that it turns much more faster and much more responsive than the banana magic... and this is with union contact pros, NOT with my usual union MC bindings

i think that because the board is softer and shorter than my previous board, i had to step up my game to handle the bumps while i bomb down blue/black trails. i guess i can say i got better?

anyways, my question is... is there another company that offers a shorter board and is more wider than a board of the same length? i enjoy the rocker profile and the magnetraction it cool too...

here are the specs of the 143 and 147 box scratcher

143 108 7.6 27.9 24.5 27.9 20.25" - 26" / 0" 4.5 70 +
147 111 7.8 28.7 25.1 28.7 20.25" - 26" / 0" 4.5 85 +

is there another board that is shorter than 147, but with either the same width or wider? thanks!!!
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