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Default Another stance width question


As many of you will know i posted a vid of myself and left myself at your mercy. I got amazing feedback which i am putting into practice every moment i ride.

However it did leave an old question for me lingering and that is, what is the right sort of range of stance widths for someone 6ft2 (189cm)?

I ride 23.5 at the moment but i do find it very hard to bend my knees and get low. I don't know if this is just me or a combination of me and my width but does any other taller rider or someone who knows one have any input on this?

p.s. i know a lot of you will say "experiment and see how it feels" however i find that anything away from what you are used to will feel unatural to begin with and i want some parameters from which to experiment with. If you still want to say that to me then just humour me with your input

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