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Originally Posted by JustinHD View Post
I'm looking to buy a second hand one because most likely once I'm very good at this sport I will look into investing into some brand new equipment. Right now I'm looking for something cheap that will last me a few seasons. I found some candidates but I'm unsure about the size...hence this topic.
Just a piece of advice, don't buy something that you're unsure of the age. Chances are it's a 10 year old POS that isn't worth $40...

My guideline is this:
- Brand new board in season, I'd like to pay 40-50% off at the end of the year.
- Brand new last season, no way I'm paying more than 50% of MSRP
- Used last season or possibly two seasons old I'm paying 25-30% of MSRP. More than that is a rip off...
- Used more than two seasons old? I'll take it off your hands for almost nothing, only if it's a board that I'm really interested in

I got a 2012 Burton Custom last year for $145. It was used with some wear showing, but otherwise in perfect shape. I bought a brand new (old stock) Prior recently for $170 (MSRP $700), and earlier this year got a 2011 Nitro Slash in nearly perfect condition for $100.

Don't spend too much on shit!

And yeah, aim for 160-162 or so. Couple CM isn't going to kill you in either direction.
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