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Default Is my wide board holding me back?

I know this question sounds pretty dumb, but here's the background:

I started on a regular board.. basically a piece of plywood. After riding that for far too long I got hyped up about NS a couple years ago. All I wanted was a Proto, nothing else. They didn't have it at the time, so I thought I'd settle for the Evo.. they didn't have that either but they had the 155 Revolver so I said fuck it, I'll get the wide.

Anyway.. i'm 6'3 190, size 10.5 boot so I don't really need the wide. I tried out my buddies 152 verve and it was like night and day. I'd say I'm an advanced-intermediate rider and thought I had plateaued until I switched boards. It blew my mind. Everything I was struggling to do came easily and naturally. I know it's more about the rider than the board, but would the extra width really impede on progress as much as I'm thinking now?
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