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Default Help deciding - Flow Fuse-SE v Fuse-AT

I only snowboard on groomers, usually in crap conditions such as hard pack ice. Lovely in Ohio right? Seeing as how these runs aren't 5 miles long I am on my butt a lot getting in and out of my bindings. My bud uses flow and as soon as I saw it I had to get it!

Since I'm not in the park but mainly doing groomers I figure I need something medium stiff right? So the Fuse-AT seems like it would fit the bill at a stiffness of 4/5 whereas the more expensive Fuse-SE has a stiffness of 2.5/5.

Taking a step back, will I notice a stiffness difference? If not, will the Fuse-AT be too stiff? Or is there something else in the flow line that will also fit the bill for what I want?

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