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Off-Piste Board Assistance

Hey ladies and gents of much snowboarding knowledge, I'm in need of some help choosing a board for next season(maybe for the remainder of this season if I get too anxious) that is great for riding in powder and trees, as these areas have become my favorite things to do my first season living here in Colorado, but is still a joy to ride around on the groomers or kicker lines if it's one of those kinda days. I've been looking around A LOT, 'researching' ones that seem to fit my bill and mostly reading a lot of what you all have said about particular boards.

This board will be a quiver board so it doesn't have to be THE greatest all mountain board ever created, I'm actually leaning toward a few powder designed boards that do well on piste, to give you some reference point of what is going through my head. And with that in mind I have the boards I was primarily considering with my beliefs/concerns about them for you to debunk or confirm.

If you don't want to read any of that ^^^ just start hear and lemme know what you think is a good pow/tree board that is fun for all-day use too

Arbor Coda(2014-for the improved tip and tail)
-Pure rocker so good float expected and I've never owned a pure rocker so it'll be good to get used to riding one and having one for when it is called upon
-Is float actually good enough to spend a lot of time strictly riding powder?
-Does The System provide as good edge hold as Arbor claims? I've seen differing views on this and am coming from boards with edge hold for days so it is a concern of mine.

Arbor Element/Roundhouse(2014-same as up there^^^) -- I wear a size 12 boot so may need to go with the mid-wide Roundhouse
Pretty much the same as above except I still don't know for sure which board, Coda or Element/Roundhouse, is actually stiffer. Arbor says the Coda has a better chance in sidecountry and whatnot but most of what I've heard people say is that the Coda is softer and more playful than the Element/Roundhouse.

GNU Billy Goat -- probably not gonna go with this but it was still on my list
-Everyone and their mother loves this board
-The C3 Camber Profile --I know that sounds contradictory to what I just said above about rocker but, hey, everyone is stoked on this board.
-Is Magne-Traction actually too grippy

Jones Flagship -- again, after more speculation, I have started to not consider this board that much but a lot of people really like it so maybe you'll have something to say about it.
-great float even with camber
-camber makes it good for still running around the groomed runs if it comes down to that
-too fast(is that a thing?) I don't think I'll be able to whip through the trees as fast as this thing will want me to.
-Maneuverability, think I'll need a slightly longer board if I get the flagship
-does it still have topsheet issues? most people have said that it is not a problem, just making sure.

Jones Hovercraft(2014-didn't Jones switch away from Nidecker this year?) also for only $450!!!!! compared to the other boards listed
-short, surfy feel, maneuverable
-still has camber under feet so I've heard and seen it's not bad at all if you end up on a groomer(definitely a quiver board but I'm totally fine with that in the case of this board)
-nothing really pertaining to the board except that this is for sure the most niche-board on this list

If you're still reading, I hope I didn't bore you too much and thanks for your time. Help out if you can and if you've got any binding suggestions for the board you support that'd be awesome too; if you're thinking sorta the same thing I am about a more powder designed board, don't worry about thread jacking or asking about other decks and ask your questions! I like to see what the guys and gals on here have to say about this stuff.

Thanks again!

TL: DR Arbor Coda, Arbor Element/Roundhouse, GNU Goat, Jones Flagship, or Jones Hovercraft?

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