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Can only comment on the Flagship. I love how these Jones boards ride (Flagship and Solution), feel "at home" with them. I've the '13, used it 50 times last season in crowded liftlines, slush, very cold (-20C), a.s.o. not the slightest topsheet issue.

It's not so much that the board is too fast, it's more that it's too much fun to ride fast with it . Stability and edge to edge quickness are really it's thing. Bomb groomers, carve and hit pow are the pros. Cons is its unvorgivingness if you're in a mogul run. I've no clue how it would perform in trees, I never ride trees...

Not sure if you'd have to get a bigger size... it's nose has a very early rising rocker giving great float. Been in deep fresh and never had to stay in the backseat (158cm x 120lbs).

Best would be to demo one and check if it's for you.

BTW: props for doing such an elaborate post
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