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Originally Posted by alpha732 View Post
Just get decent snow tires. Tires matter more than drivetrain.
True - put studded snow tires on any front wheel drive car and it will do ok in snow.

But if you want a vehicle that does GREAT in snow/ice AWD is where it is at. About 1 car in every 5 is a Subaru where I live. And if it isn't a Suburu it's another AWD or 4x4 car. At the bottom are folks with things like an Elantra with studded snow tires.

Subarus simply do not get stuck in snow - even if you are running all season tires. There are many days a year that I drive on mountain roads that are solid snow and ice. I just don't want to have something that does ok. I need to not worry about getting home because my vehicle can't climb up an long steep icy grade.

But if you are in a city that is constantly plowed and salted you don't have to get AWD. Subaru isn't the only one making good AWD - but with certain they have the most experience and devotion to AWD systems.

BurtonAir89 - where do you live? How often do you have to deal with snow covered roads?
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